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Peace of mind is incredibly important when it comes to buying a new vehicle, which is why with each Defender® we sell, comes complete with a 12 months Five Star warranty cover (where applicable). In order to provide a warranty that is the best you can get. We teamed up with the WMS Group. Which is part of the Opteven group, Europe's largest MBI provider. Warranty work can be carried out at your local dealer or if you'd prefer, it can come back to us. Please note, this cover is for Defender® up to 8 years old and up to 80,000 miles. If outside of this, the cover reverts to Four Star option. You can claim up to £5000 per claim. Of course, warranties can be extended and if you require further details, please get in touch. Please note Classic and ex mod vehicles are supplied with a 3 month limited warranty.

The following listed parts are covered by the above agreement:


Rocker assembly, inlet and exhaust valves, valve guides and springs (excluding burnt valves and decokes), cylinder head (excluding cracks and overheating damage), stretched head bolts, push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, timing chains and timing chain tensioner, oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, gudgeon pins, con rods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, flywheel and ring gear, distributor drive. Fluid leaks, subject to conditions. 

Timing belts

Provided that there is proof that the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination.

Manual gearbox

Gears, shafts, synchromesh hubs, selectors, bushes, bearings, speedometer drive, overdrive units (when fitted), solenoid, transfer box

Automatic gearbox

Gears, oil pump, shafts, bushes, clutches, brake bands, bearings, governors, servos, torque converter, drive plate, valve block, modulator valve, speedometer drive.


The complete unit (including wastegate, if it is an integral part of the turbo unit and cannot be purchased separately). The agreement applies only if the turbo is fitted as part of the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Drive System (front/rear)

Crown wheel and pinion, half shafts, bearings, planet gears, bevel gears, rear external drive shafts, constant velocity joints, 4 wheel drive units. Excluding: rubber gaiters.


Master Cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake callipers (excluding seizure and electric motors), servo, brake pumps, brake limiter valve, ABS computer/pumps.  All fluid leaks are covered.


Steering column, (excluding electric locks, E.C.U, electric motors), rack and pinion, steering box, steering idler, power steering rack/ram and pump, pressure pipes, reservoir (excluding leaks).

Cooling System

Water Pump, head gasket, thermostat, heater matrix, electric fan motor, viscous fan coupling, radiator, air conditioning pump. All fluid leaks are covered.


Prop shaft, universal joints and bearings

Fuel system – petrol/diesel

Mechanical/electrical fuel pump, air flow meter, E.G.R. valve, idle control valve (excluding injectors). All fluid leaks are covered.

Front/rear suspension

Shock absorbers, coil springs, upper and lower wishbones, ball joints, swivel joints, McPherson struts, suspension arms, antiroll bar, self levelling units and reservoir pump and regulator valves, displacer, hydro-pneumatic system, (excluding leaks & bushes).

Wheel bearings

Front and rear wheel bearings.


Centre plate covered for oil contamination, pressure plate, thrust bearing, clutch fork, master cylinder, slave cylinder.


Starter motor, alternator, coil, distributor, E.C.U. (engine only), front and rear window/ headlamp wiper motors, heater fan motor, indicator relay, electric window motor, sun roof motor, centralised locking solenoids,horn, cruise control actuator and control unit only. (Front and rear heated screens and elements are excluded from cover).


In the event of a covered item causing damage to a casing then the casing will form part of the maximum claim liability.

Car hire

In the event of an agreed repair and provided that the repair time is in accordance with K.I.S. schedules is in excess of 8 hours, a maximum of £20 per day inclusive of VAT (excluding petrol and insurance) may be reimbursed for up to a maximum of 5 days, (related to the actual repair times from the time repairs Commence) and provided that car hire is authorised by us prior to the start of the hire period. This will form part of the maximum claim liability.

EXCLUDED FROM THIS AGREEMENT – ALL PARTS NOT LISTED ABOVE. Please ask for one of our warranty booklets for full details. Cover may be subject to change. Please ask for details.