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Introduced to our offering in 2018 is the LR Custom Works division. With the ability to convert your Defender, our technicians are able to improve the driveability, looks and comfort of your Land Rover. Whether it's a new set of wheels with a wider offset giving the vehicle a better stance and turning circle, or if it's a full colour change or a new engine with improved performance, we can help. It may just be a protection pack to increase the longevity of your vehicle. As much as we love these vehicles, their performance on the road is limited, we also can improve the off road capability of the Defender. As we have an in house coach works department we are able to carry out minor body repairs to full colour changes.

Currently depending on level of conversion work, our lead time is around 4-6 weeks so we highly recommend calling to book a build slot. We are happy to discuss how we can make your Defender more suitable to you!